We haven't done a very good job getting people information, or randomness lately. The radio show and podcast are once a week and frankly, that's just not enough. We are going to give writing an article about 5 nonspecific topics a couple to a few times a week a try. We are going to have different voices and no guideline for the content. Hope everyone enjoys. Here is the first ever, Fantasy Five

1. All Star Snubs

Blake Snell.jpg

First and foremost, there is no such thing of an All Star snub. Blake Snell should have made the All Star team, and he will. It always happens this way in both MLB and the NFL. For the people that lose their mind for snubs, get over it. Fans being in charge of some of the vote is a terrible idea, but it always works itself out.

2. Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow made the AA All Star team and hit a double in the game. I do not condone Tebow getting called up to the bigs based on merit. If he makes it based on his name, I'm completely okay with that. There are many other players in the Mets organization that have a chance to be a good major leaguer and Tebow doesn't have that ceiling. I am hoping that Tebow gets called up, but don't expect him to be a world beater when he does.

3. LeBron to the Lake Show

I think that Bron to LA was purely a business decision and had only a little to do with the actual basketball product. This is the right call, he already has cemented his legacy by winning an NBA Championship for the city of Cleveland. I don't foresee James continuing his streak of NBA Final appearances, but I think he's going to be fine with that. Good move Bron

4. World Cup

I've heard this could be the best World Cup we've seen in our lifetime. I don't know about all of that, it is soccer after all. The US not being in the field really hurt the shine for me. Maybe we will be good enough to actually make the tourney the next go around.

5. Fantasy Baseball

Kyle Tucker is up for the Astros. He is not going to have the pressure to be the next big thing because everyone on the 'Stros are the next big thing. If you are playing in any type of keeper league, or anything more than a 12 team league, add Tucker and hope to catch lightening in a bottle.


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